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Is there anything more gripping than accounting? Of course there is! For example, working with you and focusing on what really matters: Your business and its prospects for the future.  

This is also why we fully embrace digitalisation and automation when it comes to our accounting processes. We call it “Tax Technology”. This saves valuable time which we can then spend with you, thinking ahead. 

An update is available for your success!

To be specific, “Tax Technology” looks like this: We receive your bank statements directly from your bank and get scans of other documents. This means that we can largely handle your accounts automatically using OCR recognition and learning programs.

It is in these areas that we are in our element – and at the cutting edge:

Thanks to effective data management, we are not just able to minimise your risks and optimise your control mechanisms – we also ensure that you comply with the growing requirements imposed by the German tax authorities (guidelines on the proper management and retention of books, records and documents in electronic format and on data access [GoBD], data protection, digital auditing).

And we are excellent at this:

We are delighted to have been named one of the best tax consultants in Germany in the media sector by the Handelsblatt.


Good advice requires good advisors!

Arne Tödter


Arne Tödter, Digital Native. Led an IT company before moving into tax consultancy. Gives lectures on the topic of “Tax Technology”. Puts this expertise to use for your benefit. The industrial engineer and tax consultant is technically adept, analytical and knows no limits when working with numbers. Even when speaking English and working with international conglomerates, he always has a firm Hanseatic grounding. 

Professional background: Trained at rotring and Arthur Andersen Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH, sales manager of IXION Maschinenfabrik Otto Häfner GmbH & Co. KG. Before qualifying as a tax consultant, he was a self-employed management consultant and interim manager with a focus on engineering, IT, healthcare and medicine. 

Born in 1975, he is married and has four children. He is a reputable businessman, sailor, triathlete and hunter.

Adds humour and intellect to client relations and reports.

Corinna Lovens grew up without a television, giving her an affinity with the media. Learnt traditional bookmaking in Munich and studied New Media in Stockholm. Can play hardball, both on the tennis court and in the courtroom. However, she always plays fair, with respect and appreciation for the other side.

Studied history of art and literature and oenology in Bordeaux, trained as a publisher at Bertelsmann International in Munich and studied law at the universities of Münster, Hanover and Stockholm (LL.M.). Scholar of the Villigst Evangelisches Förderwerk e. V. and the Foundation of German Business. Completed internship in Hamburg. Qualified as a lawyer in 2005. Founded her law firm in the same year, with a focus on media and data protection law.


Finance is a team sport!


At our firm, we work as three well-established teams each led by tax consultants. There is also an additional team specialised in payroll at your disposal. It is important to us that the team gives you advice that meets your personal needs. In the end, you don’t want just any solution. You want the best.

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